Subterranean Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Unmanned Systems Teaming and Collaboration (AUSTC)

ADS is providing Autonomous Unmanned Systems Teaming and Collaboration (AUSTC) support in GPS Denied (GD) Environments for the Army Research and Development Center (ARDEC). This AUSTC program employs a “think-tank” and modified “skunk-works” approach to identify and determine the best path forward for new and game-changing technologies that may be available or in development to achieve a tactical advantage. The growing use of tunnels and underground facilities (UGF) by military and irregular forces to gain a tactical advantage is becoming more sophisticated and effective, increasing the likelihood of U.S. Forces encountering military-purposed GD structures on future battlefields. ADS leads the way by providing:

· The capability to autonomously navigate and simultaneously map deep underground facilities and tunnels while providing Soldiers complete situational awareness in a GPS denied environment.

· Complete open system architecture enabling independent integration with new sensors, algorithms and software without OEM involvement.

· An artificial intelligence teaming software that enables multiple manned and unmanned systems in order to collaborate to navigate and map complex tunnel systems and identify tactical targets such as weapons of mass destruction.

· Onboard obstacle avoidance system that autonomously selects the optimal navigational path to the objective.

· A manned portable navigation and mapping system that communicates wirelessly through a self-healing IP network and collaborates with unmanned systems to provide complete situational awareness in a GPS denied environment.

· A revolutionary Through The Earth (TTE) communications system that can transmit and receive voice, data and 3D localization through 300 meters of solid rock.

· Cutting edge battery technology that provides 250% longer life than Li-Po by 2019 and 400% by 2021.

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