ADS is a proven leader in the analysis, implementation and testing of all aspects of C4ISR systems and technology. We play an important role in enabling the U.S. Navy to develop new and advanced C4ISR concepts and technology. As a major contributor to the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Code 31, C4ISR Directorate we support research in math, electronics, computers & information sciences and their application in command & control, cyber, EW, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. ADS plays a significant role in C4ISR technology development relative to urgent Navy warfighter requirements and managing/directing of ONR Science & Technology (S&T) resources. Some of the C4ISR Projects we manage include:

· Navigation, global positioning systems, inertial and timing systems that interface with naval C4ISR

· Radio frequency systems, signal process and antenna development

· Integrated Topside Electromagnetic Maneuver Command & Control (EMC2) Innovation Naval Porotype

· Quantum Entanglement (QE) phenomenology, hardware and optical technologies relating to Navy electro-magnetic sensing, jamming, communication and electronic warfare applications

· Electromagnetic propagation of small vessels using differential laser absorption spectroscopy

· Deep-space Supper-Luminal Laser Communications relay between earth-based and deep-space based platforms

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Subterranean Autonomous Systems

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ADS supports Government and prime system integrators with engineering and management expertise. We help clients with challenging S&T, engineering, acquisition and program management requirements. Our best practices and SMEs ensure our clients’ needs are met. ADS has achieved one of the highest Dun & Bradstreet overall quality ratings.

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