Science & Technology (S&T)

Science & Technology (S&T)

ADS has provided superior S&T support to government clients since 1996. ADS’s reputation has allowed the company to expand support into a variety of S&T industries. Support areas include Directed Energy, UAS, Energetic Materials, Applied Engineering, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) educational outreach support. ADS supports the Office of Naval Research in numerous areas regarding S&T development and analyses of requirements, matching technologies to Naval Aviation and Weapons Warfare for Discovery and Invention and Future Naval Capabilities and assists in technology assessments and evaluations. The Office of Naval Research relies on ADS to support their strategic plans, mission and goals within the S&T industry.

ADS has gained significant capabilities and experience in Technology Transfer and Commercialization Programs supporting the U.S. Navy. We serve as an executive agent for technology transfer and commercialization throughout the Office of Naval Research to achieve critical services for Science & Technology, Research & Development and third-party contract performers. Using technology transfer best practices, we design processes and practices to reduce risk in technology transfer and increase delivering solutions to its customers and end-users. We provide planning, facilitation and execution of speed-to-the fleet programs such as Innovative Naval Prototypes, Leap Ahead Technologies, Technology Innovation, Operations Analysis, TechSolutions, Rapid Prototyping, Joint Technologies and SwampWorks.

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Science & Technology (S&T)

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Subterranean Autonomous Systems

Directed Energy (DE)


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About ADS

ADS supports Government and prime system integrators with engineering and management expertise. We help clients with challenging S&T, engineering, acquisition and program management requirements. Our best practices and SMEs ensure our clients’ needs are met. ADS has achieved one of the highest Dun & Bradstreet overall quality ratings.

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